Romanian classes for foreigners

We love romanian

Linguastar has a wide experience in organizing Romanian language classes for foreigners. Either you are beginner or advanced, living in Romania or interested to learn Romanian for professional purposes, to use it in family or you have just fallen in love with Romania, at Linguastar you will find the best teachers. We love Romanian and we will try to make you love it as well.

Our methods

The class curriculum gives an insight to Romanian culture and civilization; in teaching we simulate situations form everyday life, we place emphasis on conversation, role-playing, discussions and vocabulary but of course we don’t forget about grammar. We organize monthly workshops – film screenings, conversation classes – a very good opportunity for students to better familiarize with Romanian life, culture and language.

Keyword: Flexibility

Linguastar organizes individual and group romanian language courses, intensive and standard courses, open courses or at request for different purposes (business, technical etc). If you want more flexibility in organizing the time allocated to learning Romanian we propose you to follow on-line classes via Skype. From home or your office, from your country or abroad, in this way you won’t miss any class. Our native teachers help each student fulfill the desired level of romanian language.


The courses take place at Linguastar premises or at the headquarters of your company if desired.
Please contact us for a tailor made offer.

Romanian language study trip

Romanian Study Program. Immersion classes

Then we invite you to Cluj, Transylvania, Romania for an inciting immersion into Romanian language and culture. Our program is designed to help students speak Romanian through/using in class instruction, outside class tutoring, travel and language exchange with native Romanian people, excursions and cultural trips. We offer one to one tutoring or small group classes, part time or intensive classes.

Where: Transylvania, Cluj County, Cluj-Napoca

Duration: 1 week, 2 weeks, 1 month

Level: from beginner to advanced, from general language to specialized language

Price: depends on the package and the duration of stay

Please ask for a tailored offer.


Either you have to translate a legal, a technical, a medical or a literary document, a diploma/certificate or a CV we are the perfect partner.

We offer authorized translation services from and in 25 languages (German, French, English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian but also Hungarian, Bulgarian, Czech, Croatian, Finnish, Greek, Danish, Dutch, Polish, Serbian, Slovak, Slovenian, Swedish, Turkish, Japanese, Arabic, Hebrew, Albanian. If the language from/or in which you need the translation is not listed above just ask us if we can or cannot translate in/from it. The answer is in most of the cases yes.

We can help you with: marketing translations, medical/life science translation, legal, financial, technical, construction, computer and IT.

Besides translations, we offer authentication services and translation plus authentication services with or without Hague apostille, as required.


The quote

for translations is calculated per page (2000 characters with spaces), based on the source document. For considerable order sizes and for permanent clients we offer discounts.

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Interpreting services

Interpretation is the facilitating of oral communication, either simultaneously or consecutively, between users of different languages.

Linguastar offers consecutive, simultaneous, whispering, video and phone interpretations from /to English, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, French, Hungarian, Romanian etc for business meetings, conferences, commercial negotiations, workshops, legal proceedings and more.

Whatever the reason you need our services for, we guarantee quality services that make the difference. Our network of professional interpreters can assist you with interpreting services in the financial, legal, medical, pharmaceutical, technical or other field.
Ask for a tailored offer

Why us?

Because we offer:

  • a personalized service
  • a specialized interpreter
  • quality services
  • confidentiality and reliability


Linguistic audit

It is a service that enables an analysis of foreign language competency level.
At Linguastar you can choose between:

  • Oral tests – face to face, via phone or Skype
  • Complex linguistic tests

Oral linguistic tests

The services are designed for employers but also for recruitment agencies that are looking for a prompt evaluation of the foreign language competency level of a candidate/applicant. The adavantage of this type of testing is given by the promptness and efficiency of the process, as a phone or a Skype interview that lasts for about 15 minutes.

At Linguastar we offer two types of oral tests:

Global tests

provide the level of oral and communication competencies of an employee according with CEFR scale (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2). The result of the test places the candidate on a range from beginner to advanced.

Threshold level tests

indicate a minimum standard of foreign language competencies. The result is a mark (from insufficient to very good) which shows if the abilities of the applicant are under, at or over the threshold level.


Complex linguistic tests

A complex linguistic test is an in depth analysis of the abilities of a candidate. It not only covers the understanding of a text and the listening part but it also checks the grammar and vocabulary. This kind of testing can be used for a specific project or as part of a more complex process of linguistic audit in a company or at the level of a company department.



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